A multi skilled artist with more than 15+ years experience in Games, Film,
Television and commercials.

For over 15 years I have worked in Film, Television, Video Games and Animation. For the last 5 years I was a Senior Lead Matte Painter at Industrial Light and Magic working on major feature films such as the upcoming Pacific Rim, GIJoe2, Battleship, Redtails, Cowboys and Aliens, Star Tours2, Ironman2, Super8, Transformers 2 and 3 and Indiana Jones 4.
Prior to working at ILM I have worked at Matte world digital, Digital Domain and Rhythm and Hues and previously was an Art Director at an Los Angeles area game company. My skills encompass Art Direction, Concept design, Matte painting and Environment work (both 2.5d and full 3d environments)

San Francsico -USA

Tel. 310.701.2514
Reel October 2012


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  • 2012 Best Environment Battleship (Interior Alien mothership, original concept and built environment)
  • 2011 Best Environment Transformers the Ride (Chicago environment)
  • 2011 Best Shot Transformers the Ride
  • 2011 Best Overall Shot, Redtails.
  • 2010 Best Overall Shot Ironman2 (Japanese Garden, original concept and built environment)
  • 2007 Academy Award winning team: 'The Golden Compass'.
  • 2004 VES award winning team Missy Elliot: 'Pass the Dutch'
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